"Nora works and relates with all types of people, using her background and experience to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable. Her style and approach to training is wonderful. Her classes are always fun and engaging even with the most serious topics. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her."
-M. B., Owner, Mega Tour and Travel

“I had the privilege to sit in on an Emergenetics training class that Nora led and she was amazing. She kept everyone in that class engaged and wanting more. Her stories were great and she really helped us look for ways to transfer the knowledge from that classroom back into our work and home environments. I would highly recommend Nora as a trainer or facilitator for your organization.”
-G. S., President, Pinnacle Achievement

“I have had the pleasure of attending numerous training sessions facilitated by Nora, she is engaging, relevant, professional and responsive. She incorporates visual, auditory and interactive techniques to capture diverse learning styles. I would highly recommend Nora for your next team building or training opportunity.”
-E. R., Billing Manager

“Nora is a terrific presenter and facilitator. I had the pleasure of participating in several excellent training sessions given by Nora. Not only does she do a great job with the content, but she is very engaging and funny. As a benefits manager, I also appreciated the several times when Nora assisted with benefits annual enrollment at some of our field office locations. Since she had held an HR director position at a previous company, she is well-versed in all areas of HR and did a great job assisting us at a time when we are always short-staffed. Just a small example of her diverse talents and team orientation.”
-D. B., Benefits Manager

"I felt fortunate to watch a pro in action - Nora delivers content with passion and expertise and she knows how to truly connect with her audience."
-J.R., Owner, J. Ramos Associates

“Nora is an outstanding trainer and facilitator. In each of her training programs she has built synergistic relationships with the participants and has shown that she understands the culture in Great-West. This understanding has allowed her to bring in the right leadership training programs for the managers.”
-K. V., Project Manager

“Nora is an exceptional public speaker and trainer. She has an energetic and dynamic stage presence while managing to relate to her audience on a personal level. I participated in a full-day training session for about 100 people and Nora was professional and engaging throughout the entire presentation.”
-A. H., Training and Development Specialist, Pinnacle Assurance; Denver, CO

“Nora is an exceptional trainer and facilitator. Each one of her classes has been delivered with an effective balance of all learning styles. She understands business and the tools needed to be successful. I highly recommend her.”
-J. E., Manager, CIGNA

“Nora's passion for training and development is evident. She has provided energizing and knowledgeable training to our leadership team as well as our call center. She adapts to her audience, ensuring the most meaningful training possible. Nora has been responsive and flexible with her schedule in order to deliver training needs to our team in Dallas.”
-P. J., Senior Human Resource Specialist