Why Can’t Everyone Just Think/Be/Act/Communicate like ME??

Highly interactive program for organizations looking to understand and breakdown barriers.  

The various filters through which we see the world can affect teamwork, communication, productivity, change management, retention/recruiting, and motivation to name just a few – and these different filters are often the reason behind clashes in the workforce. Two individuals may react to essentially similar external circumstances and factors in vastly differing ways—in fact, sometimes our own perceptions are so different from another person’s that we are left wondering, “What color is the grass in that person’s world? It must be purple because she just doesn’t see the world the same way I do.”

At the same time, it is these very differences that allow us to function more effectively and productively as a team and an organization if only we can harness their energy for good instead of evil! Finding ways to use our differences as strengths instead of obstacles helps teams function more effectively, deliver better bottom line results and create more innovative solutions. This humorous, practical workshop will cover common sources of misunderstanding and a framework for putting everyone’s filters to work in a beneficial manner—no matter what color the grass may be.

o  Understand how perspective and personal filters affect interaction with others
o  Recognize when filters are contributing to miscommunication
o  Learn tools and techniques to more effectively communicate and resolve conflicts
o  Learn how you best contribute to a team
o  Heighten creative problem solving and effective teamwork
o  Value diversity in thinking and behavior

Program Length:  two hours to full day dependent on program objectives and size of group.

Optional Components:  Emergenetics®, DiSC, EQi™


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