Building teams that last.  Facilitating training for teams that want to succeed and grow through the challenges that come along the way.





Relationships require time and attention in order to flourish.  Teams are a series of relationships --- leader with team members, team members with each other.  Nora will help your team work more effectively through customized programs and follow-up material.  Her ideal clients want to partner, not only resolve current challenges, but to work strategically in cultivating a culture that supports the organization's vision, mission and goals. 

Building a Culture of Respect

A culture of respect and inclusion doesn't happen by accident.  Organizations need to set and reinforce expectations related to how individuals work together.  Nora works with organizations to ensure the message of respect and inclusion is consistent and in line with mission, vision and goals. Dependent on your organization's needs, Nora will complete a policy review with recommendations, front-line employee training, manager workshop, harassment investigations and employee relations consulting.  


Understanding Generations

Life experiences shape our perspective and the filters through which we see the world.  Each generation has experienced different technology, societal values, economic conditions, etc.  At work, these generational differences can impact recruiting, teamwork, change-management and productivity.   Nora works with front-line employees and leadership to build a framework of understanding each other and working together effectively.