Everyone has similar "hardware" called the brain. How we use it, however, is as individual as our genetic code.

Emergenetics® is an advanced profiling tool that maps out the way we use our brain in the same way a geneticist maps out the human genome.

By providing insightful information about the reasons behind our individual thoughts and actions, the Emergenetics Profile provides information on four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual) and three behavioral attributes (Expressive, Assertive, Flexibility). Organizations who use the Emergenetics Profile are able to form more productive teams, increase understanding among co-workers, reduce conflict between people, assure more successful project implementation and develop more effective solutions to problems.

Individuals who learn their own attributes for thinking and behaving are able to communicate, sell, make presentations, teach and motivate others more effectively.

We offer Emergenetics programs to meet your needs:

  • Corporate Retreats
  • Team-Building Workshops
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Video Conference 1:1 and Group Sessions

Contact us to learn more and to schedule an overview of Emergenetics and how it can benefit your organization.