Looking for a human resource consultant, speaker, and trainer with over 20 years of hiring, on-boarding, training, and employee relations experience?   Nora has worked with large and small organizations, public and private firms, government agencies and start-ups.  With experience in manufacturing, retail, insurance, transportation, logistics, professional services firms, government, etc. Nora has demonstrated an ability to bring unique solutions to organizations looking to resolve issues, as well as those wanting to proactively act to stay cutting edge. 

Nora's engaging and humorous facilitation style has captivated workshop and conference attendees across the country.  Her delivery style is conversational and involves a high level of audience interactivity as well as humor.  She offers customization of keynotes, workshops, and training sessions to her client’s specific needs. 

Looking for information about Nora's research as The Undercover Candidate™ and/or The Undercover Employee™?  Please visit the HR-Undercover Website

For a sample of Nora's presentation style, check out her DisruptHR talk, Maria Broke The Time Clock....and other tales of shame.